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District 7 Coffee House offers an inviting space for coffee enthusiasts to savor premium blends and artisanal brews. Situated in the heart of the city, this café exudes warmth and hospitality, welcoming patrons to relax and enjoy their favorite coffee creations. With a focus on quality and innovation, District 7 Coffee House delivers an exceptional coffee experience, complemented by a selection of light bites and delectable treats. Whether you’re catching up with friends, holding a business meeting, or simply unwinding after a busy day, District 7 Coffee House provides the perfect ambiance for every occasion.





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  • Sunday 08:00 AM - 00:15 AM
  • Monday 08:00 AM - 00:15 AM
  • Tuesday 08:00 AM - 00:15 AM
  • Wednesday 08:00 AM - 00:15 AM
  • Thursday 08:00 AM - 00:15 AM
  • Friday 08:00 AM - 00:15 AM
  • Saturday 08:00 AM - 00:15 AM