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The story of Ward did not emerge from the pages of a thousand and one nights, nor from the depths of Roman legends, nor has it been told on the tongues of passersby over the course of time. Instead, its first seed was planted in the soil of Amman, blending the allure of the place with the enchantment of authentic Arab charm, enhanced by the enduring hospitality passed down through generations. “Ward” blossomed into a place infused with the ambiance inspired by the beauty of spring and its lush orchards filled with delightful flowers. The eye delights in the sight of the luxurious dishes brimming with the finest Eastern and Western flavors from various international cuisines.

“Ward,” our new haven, with its captivating color and enticing fragrance, has been meticulously crafted to embody the noble Arab meanings. From showcasing refined taste during the welcome reception to the grand generosity of presenting delectable food and concluding with exquisite service reflecting vibrant colors, guests depart “Ward” with a strong desire to return and stroll through its garden hundreds of times.





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