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Al-Afandi Restaurant, located in Petra, offers a delightful culinary experience in the heart of Jordan’s ancient wonder. Known for its authentic Jordanian cuisine, the restaurant seamlessly blends traditional flavors with modern elegance. Patrons can enjoy a diverse menu featuring local specialties, creating a memorable dining experience amidst the captivating surroundings of Petra. Al-Afandi Restaurant invites guests to savor the richness of Jordanian culture through its delectable dishes, making it a must-visit destination for those exploring the treasures of Petra.





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Opening Hours

  • Sunday 00:00 AM - 23:59 PM
  • Monday 00:00 AM - 23:59 PM
  • Tuesday 00:00 AM - 23:59 PM
  • Wednesday 00:00 AM - 23:59 PM
  • Thursday 00:00 AM - 23:59 PM
  • Friday 00:00 AM - 23:59 PM
  • Saturday 00:00 AM - 23:59 PM